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Bobby Hustle

Bobby Hustle has a simple mantra: “A rich life balances hard work with the luxuries afforded by one’s labor.” Bobby expresses this balance through reggae music in a style all his own.  Being one of few Americans featured on internationally recognized riddim releases from Jamaica to the UK and from Spain to California, Bobby is considered a rising star in the US reggae scene, doing what few artists have done before him while climbing the ranks of the scene globally. His debut full-length album, It’s the Hustle, will be released on his own independent record label in the summer of 2015, featuring some great new original music that will appeal to a worldwide audience.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, a city known for legendary musical artists like Jimmy Hendrix and Nirvana, Bobby was organically exposed to a diverse range of music. He recalls listening to and liking everything from Motown classics to punk rock, hip-hop, jazz, country, and everything in between.

By elementary school he was taking saxophone lessons and it wasn’t long before he heard reggae music for the first time. He picked up a guitar and began emulating his favorite singers. Like many kids outside Jamaica, the first reggae Bobby fell in love with was Bob Marley. But unlike many, Bobby’s fascination with the genre didn’t start and stop with the King of Reggae. He went on to discover the deep wealth of talent in artists like Garnett Silk, Dennis Brown, and Steel Pulse, to name a few. Fascinated with the culture, Bobby spent much of his teens and early twenties searching out artists on vinyl record or CD, studying lyrical styles and patterns, and learning Jamaican patois. All the while he would listen to instrumental versions and write original lyrics, developing his own style and voice over time.

In 2007 Bobby started working with Seattle, Washington based Dynasty Records and in 2010 he released his first song, “That’s Right,” on the Washington DC riddim from Bread Back Productions (JA). With polished lyrics and a natural sense of melody, Bobby continuously delivers the perspective of a young hustler, constantly on the move yet still enjoying every moment on his way to success.  Since those initial recordings and releases Bobby has toured across the United States independently as well as multiple times with Konshens, Protoje and Gappy Ranks respectively. Bobby’s music has been well received in the streets, clubs and on international radio platforms.

In October of 2012 Bobby performed in Moscow, Russia and followed that tour up in December 2013, with an eight-show tour of Japan where he played alongside the likes of Unity Sound, Mighty Crown and Stone Love Sound.  During 2014, Bobby continued to tour the US while making time to record plenty of new music, including songs for well-known producers Kemar “Flava” McGregor (JA), Jugglerz Records (DE) and Royal Order Music (US).  He has already reached radio charts worldwide with tunes like “Kush Morning,” “Weed Like Mine,” and “Seventh Time Rise”.

Reggae on the River

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