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Ras Fraser JR. 

Ras Fraser Jr. born Jhemel Fraser, was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. His father is reggae legend Phillip Fraser. With Reggae music in his blood, Fraser performed his first stage show at the age of 8. He has worked with a variety of artists including pop star Elliphant with their hit “Music Is Life.” Now signed with Rebel Sound Records Fraser has traveled the world spreading his message of positivity, prosperity, and Rastafari through his music. His latest album “Journey To Greatness” was released world wide on March 30th.

Music the answer New edit 6.2.20.jpg

Music The Answer

Source of Life

RebelSoundRecords_All Ok_CoverArt.jpg

All Ok

Ras Fraser Jr. - One Set a Artiste (Cove

One Set a Artiste

Vacation For Two

Fire Man

Ras Fraser Bad Breed Bobo Cover Purple (

Bad Breed Bobo

Journey To Greatness

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